BTU stands for British thermal unit The definition is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by 1° Centigrade.
This is defined as the energy efficiency ratio i.e. the energy required to produce the requisite cooling capacity or otherwise it is the ratio of the cooling capacity to the power consumed to produce that cooling. I.E cooling capacity (BTU/Hr) / Power consumed (watts).
The star rating is a standard rating defined by Bureau of Energy Efficiency which helps consumers to make a choice Higher the stars better the energy efficiency ratio of that product or model.
Global energy conservation is the basic idea. – conform to international standards on power consumption. – Reduction up to 37% on electrical bills. – Better performance from the unit.
The comfort range is from 22° to 24 o centigrade. If set at 23° centigrade the compressor would cut-off at 22° and restart at 24° centigrade thus ensuring comfort levels. The comfort temperature itself would however depend on one’s body metabolism.
The maximum permissible limit is that the total length of the pipe can be around 20 m and the level difference can be to a height of 8 m. For optimum cooling, the indoor unit should be as close as possible to the outdoor unit and at the same level. Max length (L) should be 20 meters (66feet) Max Height difference (H) should be 8 meters (26feet).
It has typically a single Outdoor unit and multiple indoor units of different types and tonnages .It has provisions for piping up to 150 metre lengths Very much suitable for high-rise buildings, premium apartments, bungalows and offices. Key features include, serially arranged refrigerant pipes, outstanding energy reduction, easy and fast installation, no need of a mechanical room, smart variable controls.